Saturday, 4 September 2010

farmers' market seelower strasse

to whoever had the idea of having a farmers' market on seelower strasse: thank you! that certainly was an inspired move and a real alternative to the crowded market on kollwitzplatz.

i love strolling down the - still tiny - market, buying organic heirloom tomatoes, red chard, apples, jam and flowers. have a chat with the stall holders and round it all up with an armful of beautiful flowers and a coffee at sgaminegg, right next to the stalls, marvelling at my finds.

if you happen to live in the neighbourhood or visit prenzlauer berg: do come here. every customer is appreciated and we need markets like this!

oh, and before i forget - there are also stalls selling fresh fish, others for meat or for cheese. at sgaminegg, you can also have lunch, and buy fresh bread and wine.

famers' market on seelower strasse, sat 10.00-16.00 h

find it here: seelower strasse (between daenenstrasse and schivelbeiner strasse), prenzlauer berg, 10439 berlin. public transport: schoenhauser allee, walk into daenenstrasse, take the first street to the right and you're there. less than 5 mins walk from the station.


andrea said...

ahh das macht Lust aufs Wochenende.. lg v andrea und ganz vile Spass für das kommende WE .. ich kann leider nicht dabei sein .. aber vielleicht mal ein naechstes Mal
ahh tht looks nice .. wish you a nice blogcamp in Berlin with much fun .. I wont be there because I need a rest from work .. ciao andrea

Ulrika said...

I love farmers markets. They are way to rare here. Remember the ones in Berlin and Paris, it's such a joy to stroll, smell, taste and buy some to make lunch or dinner from.
Lucky you! :)

Sylee said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this. It's wonderful, isn't it? I can't believe we finally have something like this in the neighborhood. PS: I owe you an email! Chalk it down to Umzugsdemenz -- I just realized I saved what I wrote as a draft.

Maria said...

Hi, thanks for posting, finally one not too far away! Which day(s) is it on though?

Christine said...

Sounds wonderful! I'll have to check it out.

Bee said...

Did you take your spoils and go for a picnic? (I assume that is your yellow basket with the camembert?)

Emily Young said...

Gorgeous photos! Markets are so fun. We have a small Saturday morning market here, and I just love all the interesting things they sell.

Adam said...

Hey there! Lovely blog!
Is there any chance I could get in touch with you via e-mail?

mail me:

Best regards,

Adam from Sweden

likeschocolate said...

What beautiful photos! I love the orange strips in the fabric for the awning.

Liivia said...

I enjoy your photos and texts. I'll go to Berlin in November!

Celine said...

wow! i love the first photo! It looks like a vintage book cover!
i love this time of year. beautiful markets everywhere. Altho, I wish there was more in Toronto.

valerie said...

Love the "Leihstand" photo! I used to live on Maybachufer - the farmer's market was in front of our door. These lovely photos bring back great memories...

Anonymous said...

Is this near Prinzregentstrasse?

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi there, no, it's near schönhauser allee/dänenstraße in prenzlauer berg.

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

so happy to read about this baby market! in two weeks we move into the neighborhood - i will be coming every weekend to seelowerstraße :)

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