Thursday, 23 September 2010

glimpses of berlin (and some news)

some random berlin news for you: from october 31, 2010, easyjet flies direct from amsterdam to berlin (for a low-CO2 alternative, there's also a direct train connection). yay!

this saturday, september 25, 2010, the lomo store on friedrichstrasse hosts a lomo discovery tour. you can rent a camera with film, including a boat ticket, all for 15 euro. how cool is that. hop on over to berlin reified for more info and links.

the second issue of the gentlewoman is out and available at do you read me?! please leave a copy for me, will you?

pictures taken on sredzkistrasse in prenzlauer berg and on augustrasse in mitte.


Mandy said...

Oh Kristina, these are so great ... just beautiful (Berlin Tourist board should be employing you !!!)... makes me want to come to Berlin so much ... one day hopefully. I saw the Gentle woman was out via your link on No penny's ... we always get it about 2 months later, we're a bit behind here in Australia !!!

Christine said...

Will definitely be checking out the lomo discovery tour. Thanks for info!

Celine said...

I wish I lived in europe. I have been thinking of berlin a lot these past couple of days. Whenever the weather starts to turn cold, I think of the fun time I had in Berlin.

Renting a lomo camera sounds like such a great idea.

la ninja said...

a'dam-berlin directly. that's a thought. I've always gone by train, though :)

julochka said...

are you telling me there's a lomo store and you didn't take me there?

i'm so on the next train...


Sylee said...

Those children are so wonderful -- I would love to have this image on S's wall. Thank you for the sweet mention!

The Breakfast Lover said...

Last christmas i visited Berlin and i love it!

The Breakfast Lover said...
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