Saturday, 19 June 2010

currywurst at konnopke's

it's going to be the end of an era. konnopke's is to prenzlauer berg what curry 36 is to kreuzberg. certainly the most traditional places in berlin to buy your curry wurst - a bratwurst, cut into pieces and doused with spicy ketchup, the (in)famous fastfood speciality of the city. now, konnopke's is going to close shop after 3 july 2010, 7pm, and move to temporary quarters until the autumn, when they will re-open in a new pavilion. if you want to catch a piece of old-school berlin popular culture, go in the next few days. i bet the new pavilion is going to be all modern and shiny and utterly non-descript.

one of the weird and wonderful features of this place is that you can actually buy gift vouchers (for 5 euro). now tell me, who wouldn't be delighted?

konnopke's imbiss, schönhauser allee, underneath the u-bahn bridge at eberswalder straße in prenzlauer berg. full address: schönhauser allee 44a, 10435 berlin (prenzlauer berg), open mon-fri 6.00-20.00 h, sat 12.00-19.00, sun closed.

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Marion said...

Gosh ! No way !
Ohhhh I'm so sad to hear that...

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