Saturday, 19 June 2010

save the date: fête de la musique berlin

don't miss the fête de la musique on 21 june (this monday). 

in 1995, berlin embraced the french tradition of celebrating summer on 21 june with open air music events all over town. there will be stages everywhere, check out the full programme here.

last year, the weather wasn't perfect, but despite the odd drizzle, people where out on the streets with family and friends, listening to music. sitting on the pavement, the streets, the scaffolding of houses.

music-wise, you'll find anything from rock to singer-songwriter, pop, world music, electronica - you name it, they play it. the programme indicates which stages feature which kinds of styles. most open air stages are playing from 16.00-22.00h, some venues have indoor stages, where there'll be additional programme until the early morning hours.

where: everywhere in berlin, 21 june 2010, from 16.00-22.00 (some indoor venues until 6.00 am)

(photos from last year's fête at intersoup, schliemannstraße, prenzlauer berg)


Polly said...

it's today! I missed it already... well, perhaps they'll have one here in London... here's to dream...

Pascalou said...

This blog should be precious for me... i will go often to Berlin (and i just came back from there, beautiful city !)

a berlin blog of the more personal sort.

if you are looking for a personal take on germany's buzzing capital, you are just about right here. i've been living in berlin for over ten years now and will update this site with anything i happen to come across, have liked for a long time or just feel like sharing with you. hope you enjoy!

take a look at the links posted below for more comprehensive overviews or useful info on berlin.

also take a look at my other blog no penny for them.

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