Saturday, 29 May 2010

möbelkombinat berlin

i found möbelkombinat by chance, just riding my bike, on my way to mitte. it's basically located between mauerpark and arkona platz fleamarkets, however not open on market days (sundays). 

what struck me most were the big statement lights - some real beauties that would easily make a whole room. a bit like a perfect pair of shoes that instantly transforms some jeans and a t-shirt into something very special indeed. there were some lovely teak chairs and side tables, and a most dramatic, sculptural light installation in brass that somehow reminded me of the big wall ornament in the writer's living room in das leben der anderen (the live of others). the only downside: if you fall for something that's bigger than your average bike basket or cabin trolley, you'll have to arrange transport yourself, they don't deliver. but you know, if you really want that sofa - where there's a will...


find it here: möbelkombinat, wolliner straße 18-19, 10435 berlin (prenzlauer berg/mitte), phone: +40 (0) 30 51051 1234, open mon-sat 9.00-21.00 h

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ieva jansone said...

this is just a great blog! i have to study it - as i'm going to berlin soon :))

vielen dank für den unterstützenden kommentar.. und.. hm, vielleicht sehen wir uns in berlin (?), willkommen zu 48 h neukölln!

Marilynne said...

You are tickling my shopping bug. What lovely furnishings. I also enjoy the photos. I'm a 2nd generation American with German roots and I know so little about Germany - especially the Germany of today.

Thanks for a little look into shopping in Berlin.

Mandy said...

Oh you are good .... I really want to visit Berlin so much !!!

Christine said...

Wow, I love that last one. So beautiful! I'm moving to Berlin very soon and can't wait:)

Shannon Fricke said...

love the blog. thanks!

The House of Lisa said...

I will add your blog to my favourite list, for my next trip to Berlin...

a berlin blog of the more personal sort.

if you are looking for a personal take on germany's buzzing capital, you are just about right here. i've been living in berlin for over ten years now and will update this site with anything i happen to come across, have liked for a long time or just feel like sharing with you. hope you enjoy!

take a look at the links posted below for more comprehensive overviews or useful info on berlin.

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