Tuesday, 4 August 2009

organic farmer's market

berlin has many farmer's markets around town, quite famous are the markets on winterfeldtplatz (schöneberg) and maybachufer (kreuzberg). less known are the many smaller markets, among them the organic farmer's market on kollwitzplatz, taking place every thursday. regional farmers sell their organic produce, including fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, fish and flowers. alongside these stands, you'll find selected textiles, gifts, a small coffee stand. a lovely way to do your weekly shop, and opening times from 12.00-19.00 mean that you can go after work too!

find it on kollwitzstraße and wörther straße (prenzlauer berg), thursdays 12.00-19.00h


B said...

Sounds like a good day out, going round the markets!
Oh, and they have panama hats!

Polly said...

Farmer markets are great. I have one just around the corner from where I live. I wouldn't buy meat from a market stall but I would get pretty much anything else from there.

The first photo made me hungry

nycrun said...

love the pictures

Dallas Shaw said...

oh wow- these clothes look adorable


Brinja said...

Ahh, pretty clothes!

kristina * said...

dear all, thanks so much for stopping by!

for such a small market, i was amazed at how lovely everything looked - from fruit, veg and flowers, to home-made juices and jams. and those clothes and hats were quite something too! a little gem of a market.

Celine said...

I love it when farmers markets are open at convenient times. There are some markets in Toronto that close at 2pm. which is so weird! I can never go to them, unless I took a day off work!
I love love love that flower stand! The cloth canopy is just perfect!

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