Thursday, 30 April 2009

maybachufer market

i took these photos a while ago - this turkish market on the canal in kreuzberg/neukölln is a riot of colours, scents and sounds. definitely not for the faint-hearted: whole families complete with pram and shopping-trolleys are haggling over boxes of grapes or tomatoes, it's always super crowded. imagine a busy saturday at ikea - and double that. just to give you a vague idea.

if you are brave enough, it's well worth a visit. not only is the choice of fruit, vegetables and flowers hard to match, the place is also a good stop if you are looking for sewing materials (fabrics, buttons, zippers) or colourful everyday kitchen utensils. at the far end of the market, you'll find stalls with organic produce, oriental sweets or savoury foods as well as coffee. a true adventure!

find it on maybachufer, 12047 berlin (neukölln), open tue & fri 11-18.30h (except public holidays).


MODsquad said...

Oh, my goodness... I LOVE your blog!! Amazingly beautiful photos!! Ok, that's it... I'm moving Berlin to the top of our travel list!

(found you through Spain Daily)

Polly said...

Great photos!!!

I could never understand why they wrap fruit into those little net-like thingies... and I'm sorry for the poor fellow that has to do that!!

Busy saturday at ikea and double???? my idea of hell precisely!!

la lune dans le ciel said...

thank you for your comments! My cupcakes are muffins with raspberry ... you want the recipe?

la lune dans le ciel said...

Although my bad English don't allows me understand everything, your photos reflect very well where you lives.Very nice blog !!

Kristina said...

hello everybody -

MODsquad: thank you! and you should, berlin's always worth a visit...

polly: the pink wraps are probably pointless, put i found them quite pretty. looked as if someone had knitted little jumpers for the apples... :-) - and about the market: i thought i'd warn everybody beforehand... you've got to be very brave to do it, but then it's fun!

la lune dans le ciel: merci beaucoup ;-) and yes, i'd love that recipe if it's not too much to ask. will you post it on your blog? if not, i can give you my email address...

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