Sunday, 3 May 2009


now - i won't be mean and keep this to myself, although i have to admit that's tempting. fleury is a french café on weinbergsweg in mitte, close to rosenthaler platz, that has established quite a devoted following over the past two or three years. this being no restaurant, you won't find elaborate dishes on the menu, but great snack basics - the usual suspects you might say: quiche (various sorts), croque monsoir, salads, baguette sandwiches (such as the garcon with rillettes and cornichons and other delicious variations). this may not sound too exciting, but trust me, it's all freshly made, they don't take any culinary shortcuts here, as simple as the dishes are. of course, you'll also find honest tarts and good coffee to round it all off. selected french dry goods are on sale as well. oh, and of course you can have lovely breakfast here.

sit outside if the weather is good and watch the world go by. bear in mind that this is a self-service place - order at the counter, they'll serve the food at your table.

find it on weinbergsweg 20, 10119 berlin (mitte), phone 030-44 034 144 open mo-fri 8-22h, sat-sun 10-22h


Chiara said...

Did you have good sunny day, isn't it? I think I'll call you as a guide if I come to Berlin :)
There's so much to see...
Have a good week, bye!gta

Polly said...

Oh you're making me miss Berlin... I should add it to my list of cities to visit this year.

Song of a day is great!!

Kristina said...

@ chiara: yes, i did, thank you! and i'm glad i did, since today it's cold and windy! - i'll be happy to be your guide if you come to berlin :)

@ polly: you should definitely come, berlin's always worth a trip! and thanks re the song - glad you like it! i came across it by chance, heard it on the radio and looked it up straight away. it's by a belgian singer-songwriter i didn't know before.

MODsquad said...

Oh, it sounds fantastic!! And, those chairs would look so perfect in our home!

Kristina said...

@ MODsquad: the owner of the café has done the interior design herself. she covered all chairs in french fabric and made matching cushions for the benches. i also like the wall-lights: she fixed old desk-lamps directly onto the walls, quite a nice effect.

malo said...

I love the last photo. What a beautiful and cosy interior.

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