Monday, 11 May 2009

passing it on

after some serious list-making and lots of thinking there was no avoiding the fact that i had to finally make a decision. who to pass that lovely award on to, that is. i wish i could send it over to more of you - i love reading all your posts and being inspired by them!

well, here goes:

jane at spain daily - for intriguing me with her everyday stories and thoughts from spain and for taking me on for the corner view journey. thank you so much!

jeannette at sans soucis - for her stories about potsdam, france, flea markets and gardens and her oh-so-lovely still-life arrangements. bedankt!

marie-eve at toujours dimanche - for sharing the vision of her very own bakery-cum-café and how it is becoming a reality. so inspiring to see people who follow their dreams!

chiara at minimal chronicles - for taking the trouble to translate some of her wonderful italian recipes from cronache minime into english and sharing her gorgeous food photography. (and for being the first one ever to have commented on this blog when i hadn't even posted a proper story yet!)

a big thank you to all of you! -

and to jo at simple pleasure, who started this by giving the award to me in the first place. tausend dank!


Guusje said...

Lovely blog!

jane said...

Hi Kristina- Your kindness overwhelms! Thank you! BTW-The admiration is mutual.:) Un big beso! Jane

Simple pleasure said...

Mooie foto's van de hetelucht ballonnen. Mooie blogs heb je gekozen.
Groetjes Jo.

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you so much for this award! I don't have a lot of time right now (we plan to open our doors by the end of the month), but I am flattered and happy.

Have a nice week!

Chiara said...

:) Hi Kristina! Thank you for thinking of me and my blog!! I'm having a lot of fun with it and I'm meeting a lot of wonderful people!! I hope one day we could meet in person... maybe in your Berlin that you let us know so well!! Of course I wait you in my Turin :))

Kristina * said...

@ guusje: thank you! your blog's quite lovely, too... i'm coming by every so often!

@ jane, marie-eve, chiara: thank you... and you're very welcome! you can pass on the award to four other people if you like.

marie-eve, i bet there is tons to do, good luck with everything!

@ jo: thank you... letting these laterns rise into the sky was quite magical. we did it last year for my brother's wedding.

g. said...

What a great blog. So glad to find you from Jane!

Zoe said...

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