Monday, 11 May 2009


i don't know when i started noticing these old-fashioned photo machines, but they are dotted around berlin and have that old-school photomaton aura - none of that digital preview nonsense, this is real photography. and all (4 shots) for 2.00 euro. what a bargain. plain black-and-white shots. you'll pretty much have a guarantee of looking very pale and artsy, as if you were living on black gauloises and espresso.

the photoautomat website tells you where to find them - my pictures show the machines opposite the prater beer garden on kastanienallee 98, 10435 berlin (prenzlauer berg). open daily (unless broken).


Jeannette said...

A must do for just 2 Euro. Just last week I commented on Vanessa´s blog, Second Spring, that I love those photobooths. Didn´t know they had them in Berlin.
So after the Prater and some espressos (Gauloises uhmmm) I hop over to one of these. I want to look artsy! ;)

julochka said...

you know, there's whole groups of photo booth photos on flickr. :-) that could be a whole new pastime. if i came past one more often, i'd do it. :-)

epe said...

these are great! i took my picture when i visited berlin. i would like to have one of this in buenos aires!

Rynke said...

Nice! Thanks for the link, handy!

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