Wednesday, 14 September 2011

news and a question

berlin summer
berlin summer
berlin summer
berlin summer
berlin summer

well, hello, it's been a while.

quite a few things have happened:
i've been on holiday to france
nylon korea has featured an interview with me and introduced this blog (a huge thank you, nylon!)
goldhahn & sampson has their new cooking classes up for booking
an exciting tomas saraceno show is opening tonight at hamburger bahnhof, museum for contemporary art

since it's been a bit quiet here lately, i thought i'd ask you what you would like me to feature here - more cafés and restaurants, or shops, or art events and galleries, or walks and random discoveries? anything goes, let me know!

(oh, and before i forget: the images show an evening playing boules with my friends this summer. berlin can be lovely.)


Linda said...

I vote for cafes and shops! :)
Love your photos--and the peek into German life.

Pascale said...

Provence in Berlin ???
So funny !

I 'd like... unusual places... It means any kind of places.

jane said...

beautiful shots k! and i'm sure whatever you decide will look wonderful. :)

la ninja said...

i'm up for everything too.
but randoms are always a fave ;)

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