Monday, 8 August 2011

save the date (and some euros)


soon i will be on holiday, but before i quickly wanted to let you know about two things:

the summer fest at LCB (literary colloquium berlin) in wannsee is coming up fast. sadly, i won't be in town this year, but i have the most wonderful memories about it. the building itself, less than a 5-min walk from the s-bahn station in wannsee, is a rather grand castle'esque villa on a sloped site on the lake. walk around the villa and enjoy the view, the stands where (often small indie) publishers present their books, the atmosphere. food and drinks will be available too. walk down the steepish slope to stand by the water and watch the boats sail by.

readings and books in german, but even if you don't speak german, it's lovely to go.

sommerfest at LCB (literary colloquium)
saturday, 20 august 2011, from 15.30 Uhr
this year's guest of honour: klett-cotta verlag and authors
more info here.

the second thing is for all gardeners and plant lovers:

if you've ever been to the mauerpark fleamarket, you'll be familiar with the garden outlet just by the entrance to the fleamarket site (entrance at bernauer strasse). until the end of august, they are clearing all stock for their summer break. all plants are 50% off. when i was there, i got some herbs and was eyeing some big hydrangeas (which will flower year after year, even if they are past their bloom for this). hurry!

summer sale at blumen und pflanzen wunder
bernauer strasse 52, 13355 berlin, open daily - don't know the exact times, but go between 12.00 and 17.00 and you should be on the safe side!

p.s.: if you go and buy plants, do take a picture and post a link in the comments, i'd love that!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that first photo. the colors in the flower absolutely pop!the boat picture is nice as well, good lighting and an awesome shot, but something about that little pink flower just makes me heart melt.

xx alexandra

pierre said...

bonnes vacances !

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