Friday, 20 November 2009

apartamento at do you read me?!

berlin's fabulous magazine shop do you read me?! is having a sunday afternoon event with home-made cake and coffee to launch apartamento #4. kids welcome! it's been a long wait for the spanish interior magazine if you ask me, particularly because i wasn't able to get my hands on #3, no matter how hard i tried.

i guess it's going to be quite busy this sunday, so i might try and sneak in tomorrow to get a copy beforehand and curl up on the sofa with it...

do you read me?!, auguststr. 28, 10117 berlin (mitte), winter opening times mon-sat 10.00-19.30 h


hiki said...

they were having a lunch thing at their launch to tokyo last month. i really wanted to go but missed out! i still haven't had a chance to have any copy of this magazine in my hands yet and i'm dying to!

Kaylovesvintage said...

you have to go...and tell me about it

I see if I can get 3 for ..let you know, have a good weekend

Jeannette said...

Wurde liebensgern dahin gehen....leider muss ich babysitten. Hmmmm...vielleicht soll ich die alle mitnehmen?? Besser nicht..die sind so wild, die würden mich schon unterwegs verrückt machen. Aber schön wäre es.
Also warten wir auf deiner Foto´s.
Viel Spass, Jeannette

Polly said...

I've never heard of this shop and the magazine, but it does sound interesting. Tell us more!

april said...

would like to live in berlin ;-)

april said...

would like to live in berlin ;-)

karin said...

Ich habe das apartamento Magazin gerade bekommen. Es ist sehr gut. Nicht nur die Bilder, auch die Texte.

Guusje said...

I wish I could be there!

Chiara.u said...

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