Friday, 5 June 2009

do you read me?!

located on auguststraße in mitte, this shop is entirely devoted to magazines. how cool is that. at do you read me ?! you will find printed matters on fashion, art, architecture, photography, literature and society. less so mainstream fare, but a wide array of independent or specialist publications. there's also a smaller selection of newspapers, both german and international as well as some international fashion magazines that you'd usually expect to find at a newsagent's in a big station or airport - only that this way you don't have to travel all that way. a hand-picked selection of art and photography books completes the shop's stock. expect to spend some time and probably more money than you had planned to. be inspired!

find it on auguststr. 28, 10117 berlin (mitte), phone 030-695 49 695, summer opening times: mon-sat 10.00-20.30h. 


Kristina said...

I love magazines - seems like a great shop!

Jeannette said...

Da muss ich hin!!! Die verkaufen Interview!!! Wusste gar nicht das das noch immer verkauft wird.
Danke für den Tip und keep them coming. ;)
Ein schönes Wochenende, Jeannette

Mary-Laure said...

Looks like a great place. I'm a book and magazine addict.

n a t s u m i said...

Oh, I love the graphics!

ps. I have never seen the film, megane. I have to check it out...

Have a great weekend! ox

julochka said...

wow, that would be heaven! has B seen this?

B said...

This is Paradise! I'll have to leave this for my last day in Berlin when I visit, otherwise, I won't see any of the sights, just spend all my time there!

vicki archer said...

What a fabulous would be a danger zone for me, xv.

Kristina * said...

@ kristina, jeanette, mary-laure: i bet we'd all find more than one magazine at this shop! ;)

@ natsumi: yes, the font is cool, isn't it?! - if you see that film, let me know how you like it ... :)

@ julie: it is (sigh) - and seems like she has ... ;)

@ b and vicky: i know - so dangerous that place!

anna said...

Wauw..I so want to go to Berlin. Even more after dicovering your blog!

阪戸美穂 Miho Sakato said...


i want to go there. i love berlin:)

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