Monday, 8 June 2009

pale blue eyes

based on kastanienallee, pale blue eyes has those really stunning graphics on their window that catch your eye, even when whizzing past on your bike. and - no surprise - it is well worth your visit. the three owners hail from sweden, their mission, when setting out in 2006, was no less than selling swedish fashion to berlin. fab idea! when i was there, a guy came in to buy some jeans (they sell cheap monday and nudie jeans). meanwhile, i was browsing the girls' department and saw some really nice printed t's, one with a black-and-white drawing of a cat with very green eyes, another one with a curious, sombre and wise looking owl. plus an off-white oversized cardigan in the lightest knit i've ever seen, cotton trousers with an unsual drawstring and cute summer dresses and coats. very cool indeed. go and shop till you drop!

find it on kastanienallee 50/51, 10119 berlin (mitte), phone 030-54 49 18 67, open mon-fri 12.00-20.00h, sat 12.00-19.00h


Chiara.u said...

wooooow I love shopping so much!!! stunning pics Kristina :)
good night!

n a t s u m i said...

I love these chairs and a pattern of stone pavement. Very pretty! now I would love to go shopping for summer clothes!

ps. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! oxox

Carolina said...

Hi Kristina! Thank you for the kind comment on my blog! What you said sure made a lot of sense ;)

Your blog is great! too bad I didn't find it before my trip to Berlin! I'm bookmarking it now! :)

alexandria said...

Very cool red chair photographs!

bouillesdecoton said...

Your blog and your photos are very nice!... I like your style!
Thank you for your comment ... I don't understand japanese but the patterns are simple; You can just understand whith the drawings! You can find this book from Naomi Ito in
This is a japanese bookshop ; but maybe there is one in Berlin...
Have a nice evening!

Polly said...

sounds like a really cool shop, and I love that name. it must be easier to come up with names like these when the first language is not actually english, it's more of a poetic, abstract choice then

see you on friday!

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