Wednesday, 30 September 2009

happy birthday, fernsehturm

believe it or not, berlin's television tower on alexanderplatz is turning forty on october 3, 2009. to mark the occasion, tickets sold that day will feature a vintage design and food served at the restaurant will commemorate the historic menu from 1969 (i dread to think what this may mean).

one of berlin's most distinct landmarks is surely worth a visit. if you don't manage to go on the day, do when you get the chance. a little cautionary note though: the service attitude of the staff is a bit on the stroppy side. just put on your zen mindset and you'll be fine. enjoy the view. have some black forest gateau. go late afternoonish and you'll most likely see the most amazing sunset.

did you know...
- that artist tacita dean did a wonderful film set in the tower's restaurant?
- that the tower is nicknamed 'the pope's revenge'? watch out for the cross-shaped shadow appearing on the metal cladding of the tower. the east german party officials are said not to have been delighted.

oh, and one more thing: if you don't fancy queuing for yonks and don't mind shelling out 20 euros, you might want to pre-book VIP tickets via their website.

find it on alexanderplatz, berlin mitte, open march-october daily 9.00-0.00, november-february daily 10.00-0.00, admission: adults 10.00 euro, children up to 16y 5.50 euro, children up to 3 y free entry, VIP ticket 19.50 euro


Kaylovesvintage said...

happy birthday
one day I will come to see you..
for now I have to do with a post day

Chiara.u said...

Happy birthday to the tower than... a piece of black forest gateau would be great for me :))
Bye Kristina! See you soon :)

Katie @ said...

Oh how cool! It's so tricky to keep up with all -even some- of the events and celebrations here in Berlin. How great to be in a city where that's the case.

Anil P said...

Forty years is a long time. I wonder if the trees between which it towers were then at the time.

Happy fortieth to the landmark.

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