Friday, 25 September 2009

café oliv

a few weeks back i first saw it briefly mentioned on holgarific (holga photographer matt's fab blog, check it out). since i'm a believer in the credo 'never run out of a good café to go to' i went to take a look. and how lucky that was! café oliv features grey walls, eames chairs, a chunky wooden table, lovingly placed orchids and vases with seabuckthorn - the place just got me as soon as i set my foot over the threshold. you'll be glad to hear that not only the amazing interior makes it well worth a visit, the coffee is pretty awesome too. should you feel peckish, you are spoilt for choice with baked goods. super yummy muffins, savoury tarts - you name it, they sell it. i tried to be good and only had a tiny almond cookie with my flat white. a dream.

the café is conveniently located near hackescher markt or alexanderplatz and if you are willing to take my advice: don't waste your time grabbing a coffee at one of the more touristy places there, but take the 5 minute walk over to café oliv. you won't regret it.

find it here: oliv, münzstr. 8 (münzstr. and almstadtstr.), 10178 berlin mitte, open mo-fri 8.00-19.00, sat 9.00-19.00, from october also open on sundays (check over on their website for times)


Marion said...

I'll try it.
Seems beautiful.
I love to take the tram to Hackescher Markt and then walk around Mitte... ;-)

Susanne said...

I love cafés like this. That´s the reason why I´m dreaming of living in Berlin or Amsterdam...ok...not only ;-)!
oh...and thanks for the Holga-Blog-Link. I´m just practice to make shots with my Holga:-)
have a good day in a café

Juniper said...

This cafe looks great, and your blog so makes me want to visit Berlin. Nice photos (and music).

sandra said...

next time in berlin i will definitely visit this place, thanks for the tip! your mostly berlin blog made me ache for berlin so much.

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