Tuesday, 23 June 2009


i first discovered this shop years ago when it was still based in prenzlauer berg. konk has long since moved to mitte and shares its hip neighbourhood with do you read me?!, claerchen's ballhaus, KW kunstwerke and others. so no excuse not to go - you could do your art show, shopping stroll, lunch, magazine buying and after-lunch coffee all within a couple of hundred metres walking distance.

konk specialises in fashion by berlin-based labels like c.neeon, kaviar gauche or penkov, to name just a few. lables that have been building their reputation over the years and are increasingly making it big, so really, this could be your last chance to pick them up before you can't afford them. think clean lines, basic colours and sometimes daring patterns. a very young, urban chic.

even the interior of the shop itself is an artwork - watch out for the wall drawings on minimalist white walls and the fragile cabinets in which accessoires and jewellery are lovingly presented. one of my favourite necklaces was bought here - gold with a small leaf-like pendant and a clear crystal. go and discover for yourself!

find it on: kleine hamburger str. 15, 10117 berlin (mitte), phone 030-28 09 78 39, open mon-fri 12.00-20.00 h, sat 12.00-18.00h, sun closed


Brinja said...

Yay, this is perfect! I'm going to Berlin this Wednedsday and now I REALLY can't wait:)

Polly said...

Another really cool shop in Berlin.

And the new layout is really good!

Brinja said...

Thanks for the link (the shy chef), looks exciting! Have you tried it out?

Brinja said...

hihi agree; weird world! I will definitely try it out. - I'll let you know:) Thanks again...

Cedric said...

hallo kristina!
hab dich über *april* entdeckt,
coole präsentation!!
sag, bist du am 4.juli auf dem
trendmafia markt?
viele grüße aus dem süden ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! love these photos!

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