Thursday, 7 May 2009

temporary city

before i forget: i wanted to tell you about an upcoming art show here in berlin. temporary city is an initiative by a group of mostly belgian and dutch contemporary artists - among them paul hendrikse and nele tas - taking place in kreuzberg, 16 may-7 june. 

in the courtyard of atelierhof kreuzberg, there will be discussions, music and events. check out their website (english & german) for more details. opening night is friday, 15 may from 19h. i'm so going!

find it on schleiermacherstr. 31-37 (atelierhof kreuzberg), 10961 berlin (kreuzberg), u-bahn U7 gneisenaustraße or U6 mehringdamm, open 16 may-7 june, thurs-sun 14-20h (followed by music or films on site).


Polly said...

Gosh, this sounds really interesting, I'd love to go. But I'm already going to Denmark in June and can't fit two countries in one month...

There is so much happening in Berlin, isn't there, I've always been very impressed with Berlin's cultural stage. Now you're making me envious that I don't live in Berlin.

Chiara said...

Hi Kristina! Never thought to do tourist guide? You're so precise and exhaustive!! I really take all this indications for a possible future travel in you town :))
Leider in diese Zeit es ist nicht
moglich... ah I like Deutsch a lot... studied at school I thought I forgot it... I still remember something! Kisses xxx

Kristina * said...

@ polly: that's so cool that you are going to blog camp! what an adventure, i bet it's going to be so much fun! will follow the goings-on on the blog camp blog... :)

p.s.: i'm sure there's plenty on in berlin when you come, whenever that may be!

@ chiara: hehe, thank you. that's my compulsive-obsessive side, i reckon. oh dear...

the whole idea of this blog really started when friends from the UK kept asking me for tips on berlin and i thought it might be nice to put these down somewhere easily accessible. it's a nice surprise that there seem to be more people out there who are interested... :)

Jeannette said...

thanks for the link to simplyphoto!
Now I miss Paris!!! We used to go there almost every month when we lived in Holland. Can´t wait to go there again...have to wait till next year though. *sigh*
Oh well....till then Berlin is a good place to discover. :)

epe said...

great blog! thank your for the amazing trip around Berlin! :)

Rynke said...

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