Saturday, 16 May 2009

opening: temporary city

went to the opening of art project temporary city yesterday night. i liked: the many languages spoken, seeing that young and old (and even dogs) were obviously enjoying themselves. i liked: the cake project by anouk kruithof (and yes, we were meant to have that cake and eat it), the paintings by nele tas, the performance by paul hendrikse (a re-enactment of led zeppelin's famous drum solo 'moby dick'), the shortcut by stijn van dorpe, the 'aliens' by katrin plavcak. at the same time, i'm not entirely convinced that the place was big enough for works by so many different artists. in any case, i'll be watching out for their future shows.

riding my bike home through kreuzberg and mitte was so nice that night. i don't know what conclusion the artists themselves are drawing from their experiment of collaborating directly, without a curator. personally, i think it may have shown that the point is not so much whether you showcase work in a white cube or not, but rather that the individual works need space. i think every work has an inherent 'breathing' space and that moving other works or objects into this space is making it that much harder to really see that work. perhaps it is an art in itself to determine this. i bet there are tons of critics who would strongly disagree...

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g. said...

So fun when all different types of people can enjoy something together. Great post!

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