Saturday, 16 May 2009

five a day - greengrocers in berlin

berlin wouldn't be berlin without its many, mostly turkish and asian greengrocers. they are almost everywhere and i love shopping there. 

turkish greengrocers will usually not only offer a wide range of fruit and veg (and don't forget, they are good for you...), but also a selection of fresh mezze like tabouli, houmus, olives, as well as mediterrean dry or canned goods like bulgur, tahine, chick peas etc. oh, and turkish bread! most turkish greengrocers are based in the western districts of Berlin, but you can get lucky and find some in prenzlauer berg or friedrichshain, too.

asian green grocers, on the other hand, usually stock local produce as well as asian greens, roots and herbs like pak choi, ginger, coriander, thai basil etc. plus very often a range of frozen sea-food, spring rolls and fish. my neighbourhood asian greengrocer's doesn't stock too much fresh produce but the biggest selection of asian dry goods, sauces and pastes i've ever seen outside a wholesaler's. 

so no matter if you live here and have just finished doing your shopping list (what about a thai green curry for dinner tonight?) or are here for the weekend and plan a day out with a picnic (your chance to get some mezze, turkish bread and fresh fruit) - go on, head for your next greengrocer's, you know you want to...


g. said...

gorgeous pictures!

Chiara.u said...

OOh I can feel the scient of those fabulous greengrocers... lucky you!!!
I must walk around in Turin and look if there's something similar!!
Kisses :)

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