Monday, 27 April 2009

gallery weekend berlin

just a quick one: this coming weekend will see the gallery weekend, meaning lots of openings and extended opening times for most major galleries. definitely one of the best chances for an evening of gallery-hopping with lots of discoveries to be made. buy a day pass for public transport or go by bike to make the most of this event - venues lie across the city, mostly in mitte and on heidestraße (near hauptbahnhof).

check out galleries and opening times (most openings on friday, 1 may) here or here.

if you happen to be in mitte and need a break in between, have a pizza at clärchen's ballhaus - with this weather and a bit of luck you could sit outside and watch the crowd go by. 

oh, and before i forget: on saturday, 2 may, KW (kunstwerke) will hold their opening night. certainly not to be missed! more info here.


Chiara said...

no doubt... I MUST go to Berlin as soon as possible!!! Thank you for let me know your beautiful city with you pictures!
Bye from Turin :)

Kristina said...

thanks chiara!

a berlin blog of the more personal sort.

if you are looking for a personal take on germany's buzzing capital, you are just about right here. i've been living in berlin for over ten years now and will update this site with anything i happen to come across, have liked for a long time or just feel like sharing with you. hope you enjoy!

take a look at the links posted below for more comprehensive overviews or useful info on berlin.

also take a look at my other blog no penny for them.

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