Tuesday, 28 April 2009


what can i say: this shop is just beautiful. blau (blue) is situated on small but worth-your-visit mulackstraße in mitte and has a clear theme running through - floorboards, custom-made wooden stairs and platform are painted bright blue. set off against this vibrant colour are the rather lovely clothes and accessories on sale; labels include antik batik, isabel marant and other exciting designers from europe and japan. this being the off-season store of schwarzhogerzeil, a shop just a few houses down, you'll find great pieces at marked-down prices.

find it on mulackstr. 23, 10119 berlin (mitte), phone 030-75 44 22 10, open tues-sat 14-18h, closed sun & mon.


Chiara said...

Blue is really relaxing... it make me think to the sea, the summer sky... all things I miss in this moment! Brava!!

Polly said...

The blueness in those photos is stunning, quite intense, not the classic blue of the sky. I love it!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you did because that way I found yours. I really like Berlin and I like your photography so I'll be back :-)

Polly x

Kristina said...

thank you, chiara - yes, the colour is rather lovely, isn't i?

and thank you polly for stopping by and your great feed-back, looking forward to seeing you here again! p.s.: lots to discover on your blog, will check in again, too!

Marie-Eve said...

This is a nice floor... what a bright color! Inspiring...

malo said...

Lovely floor. That blue is a very special color.

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