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markthalle neun

Markthalle Neun, Berlin Markthalle Neun, Berlin Markthalle Neun, Berlin

you have to walk a few minutes from the u-bahn to get to markthalle neun, and then watch out for the entrance, set flush into the flight facades on eisenbahnstrasse, but you will find fresh flowers, organic greens, eggs, and preserves, fresh fish and meat, great tea and coffee, home-made cake – much to while away a friday or saturday morning or afternoon, when the market is open.

there are special events like naschmarkt, hosted by slow food berlin. that the market itself was revived from its rather desolate state to a small but buzzing community, makes it even more special.

i can wholeheartedly recommend the open smoked salmon sandwich with a glass of dry white wine for lunch, but there's also pulled pork (on a platter, or a sandwich), if you can bear waiting until 12.00 pm when their stand officially opens (other stands start serving lunch earlier, so no worries if you're hungry before noon).

commendable: the small stall of the biodynamic farm in weggun. they sell eggs, berries in summer, and preserves. at certain times of the year, they sell organic meat, which you can pre-order at their stall. read more, also about their 'adopt a hen' programme, here.

markthalle IX, eisenbahnstrasse 42/43, 10997 berlin (kreuzberg). market days: friday and saturday, 10-18.00 h. closest u-bahn stops 'goerlitzer bahnhof' or 'schlesisches tor' (both on the u1).


la ninja said...

definitely a must on my next visit.
how's the weather treating you these days? we're suffering force-stupid winds and offensively-low temperatures.

kristina - no penny for them said...

hi there, same here, i'm afraid. still unsure whether spring will make an appearance for easter. egg hunt in the snow would be a first...

Anonymous said...

mmm..the food looks and sounds appetizing. I just discovered your wonderful blog, and am looking forward to reading more of your insights and looking at the dreamy photos.

thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures!
I am a huge Berlin Fan!
Can't afford to go too many times each year. . .
but i found an amazin link, where you can win a trip:

finger's crossed!

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Nice photos! Terrific job!!!

mekarwangiflorist said...

Beautifull flowers i like it, thanks for inspired post :)

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