Sunday, 18 September 2011

ferry rides

stormy weather
stormy weather

did you know you can ride various ferries in berlin with a simple s-bahn/u-bahn ticket? i love doing it for a day out, preferrably for a picnic, weather permitting (although i have had perfect picnics in stormy weather, not much is stopping me.)

bear in mind though, that these ferries are shuttles, so you must leave at the other end, and if you want to go back straight away, board again. may seem funny, but otherwise the ferries tend to fill up with passengers taking round-trip after round-trip. and there are not too many seats, so go a little early to queue on the pier (say 10-20 mins in advance, 40-45 mins in summer and on sunny days - i'm not kidding you).

check out the BVG (berlin public transport) website for timetables. also note, some ferries only run in the summer. the one across wannsee runs pretty much all year. i once took the ferry in deepest winter, going through drifting ice.


Wusel's... said...

Im Oktober wieder...
Meine Bilder vom August hier:

ana said...

oh! i didn't know this, how nice! :)

la ninja said...

hee ho, look at your skies!
isn't it the best time of the year for mad skies...

next time. ferry. woo hoo.

Sylee said...

Oh I would love to do this before it gets too cold (though I suppose ferry rides must be magical with snow floating down)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been wanting to do this, but had trouble getting my husband to come along. this just might do it.

Pascale said...

GOOD to know. Perfect I would say...

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