Friday, 15 October 2010

apartamento launches new book series

have you heard? apartamento magazine is about to launch a new book series, called 'everyday life books'. tomorrow afternoon (16 oct 2010), the first book from the series, 'the story of a mug: greetings from the factory' will be launched at do you read me?! in berlin. the weather has turned decidedly autumnal here - rainy, cold, with wet leaves lining the pavements - so what better thing to do than sit down with a good book and officially start candle season?

find it here: apartamento book launch @ do you read me?!, auguststr. 28, berlin mitte, saturday, 16 oct 2010, 5 pm-8 pm.

mario velardi (apartamento) and byggstudio will be there. mugs of tea and coffee will be served.

(by the way: should you have good book tips up your sleeves, let me know, i'm looking for more good reads - haven't read a good novel in ages!)


Sylee said...

I'm excited about it too! Are you going? I love the silvery grays in your photo...

Sylee said...

PS: I'm unpacking my books this weekend and making a pile of volumes I love but want to send back into the world -- you are welcome to pick through them!

This Time Now said...

You make Berlin seem cozy and of the moment.

MANDY said...

Oh Wow how exciting !!!

dulci said...

I love this photography!!

Pascale said...

Great great pic.

Yolanda Barker said...

Thanks for sharing. Great idea for a blog too! If you fancy a good read, try "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. One of my favourite books of all time.



P R I M O E Z A said...

oh what?! i'm on their mailing list but i never heard about this. going to check it out now.

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