Friday, 24 July 2009

cafés in berlin: sgaminegg

thanks so much for hanging in there. it's summer and i'm blogging much less. there's lots of work and the time i have to spare i tend to spend outside. after all, you never know how long it will stay sunny in berlin... thanks for your patience!

last week i spent one of my lunch-breaks at this small café/deli/restaurant in my neighbourhood, which i discovered via berlin reified, a great blog about food and design in berlin. go check it out! 

sgaminegg offers simple dishes with a focus on southern german cuisine (think leberkäs with home-made potato salad), but equally offers a plat du jour like pasta, couscous or soup. you can also stop here for cake, coffee or tea. rather interesting is their small deli section, notably the bread. tuesdays and saturdays you'll get the most delicious loafs of white or sourdough breads. 

since their location is a little off the beaten track (yet less than five minutes from u-bahn and s-bahn stops schönhauser allee), it's not too busy. that may change soon, though. so take your chance and make the most of it. 

find it here: seelower straße 2, 10439 berlin (prenzlauer berg), open tues-fri 8.30-18.00h, sat 9.30-18.00h, sun and mon closed.  


Berlin Reified said...

Lovely to see a familiar place through fresh eyes! I peered at the penultimate photo trying to see if I was one of the people on the sidewalk but don't think I am. I always get the espresso macchiato too! Fingers crossed our paths cross someday soon.

Unknown said...

Love the peacefull ambient that can be seen there.

Will come again, and take a coffee with you

kristina said...

looks lovely! and I like that they have a water bowl outside, for dogs (and cats maybe?) :-)

jane said...

love these! but you already knew i was going tom say that! besos!

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like a place i would enjoy. Love the vase on the table.

(Dig your blog music too)

Polly said...

this looks like such a lovely place, great choice for lunch!

and the food reminds me of when I was a student in Heidelberg... the best thing about it was mensa! no, only kidding, but the food was great, nothing like our usual canteen food. I miss those days.

Rachel said...

cafes outside of provo,utah are so much cooler.

kangaroo mama said...

oh i need a cafe like this around here!! so lovely!!

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