Wednesday, 22 June 2011


bixels berlin
bixels berlin
bixels berlin
bixels berlin

sitting down at bixels' big wooden table with a salad and an apple juice, then a chocolatey chocolate cake with some coffee (oh, the special glasses and oriental looking glass carafes that go with it!) is a very good way to have lunch indeed.

bixels, mulackstr. 38, 10115 berlin, open monday-sat 12-21 h.

p.s.: the oriental style rug caught my eye. like it!

+++ UPDATE: sadly, bixels closed its doors. i'm glad i took the pictures as a memento of a beautiful place. the pace of change is getting ever faster, it seems.  +++


Francivusk said...

I love your blog. :)

what lens do you use?

xx Francesca

sandra said...

that place looks amazing, thanks for the tip! :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

thanks, friends!

@francesca: i was using a 50 mm/1.4f nikkor lens, my very favourite. even with little natural light it lets me get quite close and creates perfect bokeh and colours. my dream's a 1.2f...

JanyH said...

I had look on the menue...sounds delicious ! I'll be in Berlin in three weeks and have noted the adress in my agenda. I'm looking forward to try :-)
Thanks for the tip.

Sarah said...

nice nice nice expressions!

julochka said...

these photos are so, so amazing, kristina!! they capture the most wonderful mood...i positively ACHE to be there...

Manasi said...

I like this little photo journal! It would be great to see more.

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