Saturday, 12 March 2011

slow travel day berlin, sunday 13 march 2011

shooting "weissensee"

come on, be spontaneous and don't miss the first slow travel day berlin, tomorrow, sunday 13 march 2011. sorry for the short notice, but i only heard about it today.

the slow travel day will take place at the circus hostel on rosenthaler platz. there will be two city tours, a berlin wall tour, starting in the morning (meet and enrol at 9.15 am), and an urban sketching tour, starting a little later in the day (meet up and enrol at 1.45 pm). there will be a coffee tasting with sweet treats in the afternoon (from 4 pm; provided by berlin reified and foodie in berlin). also, film screenings, a beer tasting and music by dj robert lippok, founder member of legendary berlin-based electronica legends to rococo rot and more.

see, you can't possibly miss this, can you?

slow travel day berlin, at the circus hostel, sunday, 13 march 2011, tours at 9.15 am and 1.45 pm, more events in the afternoon and into the night, check out paul sullivan's slow travel berlin for more details.

see you there!


Pascale said...

Berlin, I am coming !!! (soon)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beatiful picture,love it.

Francivusk said...

I always read your blog. So inspiring.
xx Francesca

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USNBP. said...

love it!

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widapol said...

which camera did you use? The color is so beautiful.

kristina - no penny for them said...

@ widapol: a vintage praktica LTL (as it says in the tags... ;)), and a kodak 400 colour negative film. - glad you like it!

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