Thursday, 27 January 2011

konk (revisited)

konk, berlin
konk, berlin
konk, berlin
konk, berlin
konk, berlin
konk, berlin

konk always seems to me like a peaceful island in the middle of the bustle of mitte. the entire shop is a gesamtkunstwerk, the colours, textures and cuts of the clothes are truly something else, the jewellery is fragile and unusual, sometimes chunky and a statement piece, and the accessories, namely their bags and scarves, are something i'd have a hard time choosing from.

what makes this boutique even more interesting, is the fact that it specialises in berlin fashion labels (check out their website for a list of represented designers) and that owner ettina berrios-negrón is a designer herself and currently working on her own line.

most beautiful are the mobiles floating under the high ceiling and the black chalk drawing of a little wood, covering the walls of the changing room.

find it on: kleine hamburger str. 15, 10117 berlin (mitte), phone 030-28 09 78 39, open mon-fri 12.00-20.00 h, sat 12.00-18.00h, sun closed


jane said...

it looks lovely. you captured it well krisitina. :)

Sylee said...

So great to see you back in this space! & thank you as always for your beautiful photos.

fen and ned said...

I know I've said it before but I always admire and adore the atmosphere in your photographs.

Such a lovely shop the mobiles are great and I would love to own that kimono!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful blog! I am coming to Berlin this weekend, and am going to check out lots of your recommendations. Thank you!

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