Tuesday, 20 July 2010

café weltempfaenger

café weltempfaenger is right next door to the flea market on arkonaplatz (the much smaller fleamarket in prenzlauer berg/mitte, compared to the mauerpark, but much better liked by me). handy if you want to have a coffee after your hunting and gathering. only catch: the service there is really slow. i thought i'd better tell you. i still go, 'cause it's so close to the market and i like the place, the interior, the atmosphere. so there.

find it here: weltempfaenger, anklamer str. 27, 10115 berlin, open daily from 9.00 h.

psst.: they do run a small b&b too. book early, if you want to go.

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P R I M O E Z A said...

looks like my kind of place. would love to visit berlin sometime, i've heard it's amazing.

Bohème Circus said...

I love your first photo, I can feel the calmness of this place

This Time Now said...

I love the lamps. Beautiful shot.

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