Thursday, 28 May 2009

bookshops // antiquariat thomas rauh

this is most certainly going to turn into a whole bookshop series and you may well wish you hadn't got me started . . . it's taking all my will-power to pass them without stopping for a quick, hour-long browse. and since there are plenty of bookshops in this city, imagine how many mortifying moments i'm having each day when riding my bike through the city. anyway. here goes, the first one:

the simple neon sign, made from re-used vintage letters, spells it out - buecher (books). officially, the shop is named antiquariat thomas rauh, it's a secondhand bookshop. not too big and fairly relaxed. meaning you won't find an overly big selection of pricey first editions, more like a fair range of fiction and non-fiction, both hardback and paperback editions (prices start from 2 euro). also postcards and vinyl. a seemingly random selection of LPs, lots of east german classical music editions, quite a few 70s and 80s pop albums. fun to browse through. if you are seriously into vinyl though and know your stuff, you'd probably turn up your nose at this and should head for platten pedro's instead. take my word for it.

the graham greene novel is my latest purchase there, an east german paperback edition from 1965 (verlag volk und welt, leipzig) with a great illustrated cover. set me back 2.50 euro.

find buecher (antiquariat thomas rauh) on raumerstr. 3, 10437 berlin (prenzlauer berg), phone 030-44 35 78 28, open mo-fri 14.00-18.00h, sat 12.00-16.00h, sun closed.


n a t s u m i said...

Oh, such a pretty book store! I would love to stop by this book store!!!

Simple pleasure said...

I love bookshops, deze lijkt mij ook erg leuk om van binnen te zien.

Chiara.u said...

I can't stop in a book store and buy anything... that's why I stay far from them in this moment !!!
I just go in a public library and lend books... it's a pity, 'cause I like to own my books... but it's fascinating enter in a library... the silence, the scent of hundred and hundred books... I love this.
Bye :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

bookstores make me so happy.

malo said...

I love that cover. Timeless.

Polly said...

I love second hand books stores. Second hand books have real character and so much history behind them. I wish I could visit yours in Raumenstrasse!

Rynke said...

Have to remember this looks awesome!

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